Start Exploring the City

Rewander is the first marketplace of smart, inspiring urban trails.

Follow... Your Way

Pick a trail, be inspired, and help redraw the city.

Wander and Rewander

Discover some of the most inspiring urban routes in any city, including yours. Follow the trails drawn for you by cool local people and let the genius loci reveal itself all around the place.

Earning for Drawing

Express your creativity, set a price, and earn whenever your route is downloaded. Think of it like making an awesome playlist of places you love. Why not share it with the community?

A Wandering Community

Join a global community of true wanderers and like-minded people who feel connected to their surroundings at least as much as to their phone. Urban rediscovery is best done with others.

A Renewed Wanderlust

Rewander will soon be available in London, Paris, Rome, and other 12 of Europe's major city destinations.
Real beauty lies outside of the typical tourist routes. Let's put it on the map so that everyone can enjoy it.

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